With new ideas and passion we can make your dreams come true.
There are no crazy ideas!

Our Services

  1. Gilding
    Application of gold, copper, silver, aluminium, dutch metal and tarnished copper leaves on different surfaces indoors as well as outdoors
  2. Restoration
    Gilding and Polichromy restoration for sculptures, frames and decoration
  3. Workshop
    You can learn in a group how to gild your own small project or food. This activity helps you to relax and concentrate or you just want to learn a new skill. You can book this for your party, friends or collegues

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Our Products
  1. gilded sunglasses
    Gilded Sunglasses
    We gave this old glasses a new look with dutch metal leaves.
  2. gilded iphone case with elephant
    Iphone Case
    Golden look created by dutch metal with an elephant silhouette.
  3. copper skateboard helmet
    Skateboard helmet
    For this project we used tarnished copper to make this helmet unique in the scene.
  4. copper and dutch metal mirror
    "Rescued" mirror
    This mirror from the street before and after restoration. We used tarnished copper and dutch metal to create an antique look.
  5. dutch metal and copper gift box
    Gift box
    This look was created using copper inside and dutch metal outside of the box.
  6. copper and aluminium plate
    Glass plate
    This is tarnished copper and aluminium on a glass plate
  7. tanished copper plate
    Copper plate
    Glass plate decorated with dutch metal and tarnished copper.
  8. copper coasters
    Copper coasters
    Glass coasters with tarnished copper for your dining table.
  9. aluminium candleholder
    Metal candleholder covered in aluminium leaves.
  10. gold silver copper egyptian sculpture
    Egyptian sculpture
    Sculpture covered in gold, silver and tarnished copper.
Some examples of our work
Applying copper on a macbook
These are just some ideas of what is possible.
Feel free to contact us and tell us about your ideas!
more Projects
different styles of gilding
acid treated dutchmetal copper silver
aluminium leaves on ceiling